Detox Bath for Kids

Detox Bath for Kids
Detox Bath for Kids

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It is cold and flu season and the flu is really bad this year  (as it is every year). Because I am a healthcare worker I know colds just need to run their course. But when my girls both got a cold a couple weeks ago I had to do something. My youngest just looked and acted miserable. She had a low grade fever, red, puffy cheeks, watery eyes, and a snotty nose. So I did what any holistic mama would do….I gave her a detox bath.

Detox Bath for Kids
Detox Bath for Kids

Why should you give your kids a detox bath?

  • To flush toxins out of their little bodies.
  • To strengthen their immune system
  • It also promotes relaxation (don’t you feel relaxed after a hot bath?!) 
  • And the magnesium can help sore muscles and pain (for their constant growing and changing bodies)

Since I am new to all of this, I had to do a little research first. I came up with a few safe and important ingredients. I had no idea how many different things you could put in bath water!

Kid's Detox Bath
Kid’s Detox Bath


  • epsom salt (1/2 cup for kids and 1 cup for adults)
  • baking soda (for unfiltered water) (2 tbsp for kids and 4 tbsp for adults)
  • ginger (I couldn’t find an actual amount so I did 1 tbsp in the kids bath and 2 tbsp in mine) (contains antibacterial properties that will address cold, flu, and congestion and also raises the skins temperature).
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (About 1/2 cup) (Helps in the detoxification process)


  1. Fill bath halfway up with warm water.
  2. Pour in epsom salt and baking soda and stir with your hand.
  3. Put in ginger and stir in with your hand.
  4. Add apple cider vinegar and stir.
  5. Add cute kid and stir….wait that doesn’t sound right.
  6. Keep child in the warm water for at least 20 minutes. Distract by playing or reading.


Kids Detox Bath

She loved it! I gave her the detox bath right before nap time and she went right down. The next day she felt so much better. This is definitely going to be a necessary treatment from now on whenever one of my kids starts feeling yucky for sure. I am also going to try to give them one at least once a week too just to help remove toxins and help with overall health. Maybe even take on myself….you know…when I have time. Ha!

Detox Bath for Kids
Detox Bath for Kids

What have you used in your detox baths for your kids?

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