Why Whole Health Living is MY Answer

Why Whole Health

Hello everyone! This is my very first blog post!! First of many. For those of you who don’t know, (and haven’t read my ‘about me’ page yet), I have been a registered nurse for about six years. I have worked in a variety of different areas and discovered something about healthcare. Healthcare these days is not focused on preventing illnesses, but more along the lines of treating the symptoms by pushing pills. Don’t get me wrong. I like my job and helping people and healthcare has come a long way, but I just want to do more and what I can do at work is limited by my license.

Let me tell you what whole health is. Whole health is literally focusing on every aspect of your health. Everything from what you put into your body, how much exercise you have, how stressed you are, what kinds of relationships you have, what chemicals you are exposed to…etc. I became interested in natural and holistic remedies about three years ago and since then I have done research and decided to change mine and my family’s lifestyle. We have a long way to go still but we have done so much already.

Why Whole Health Living is My Answer
Why Whole Health Living is My Answer

Let me tell you the big thing that got this started. I had already been researching a little but my focus was mainly on healthy eating and exercise. About a year and a half ago, where I worked we had an increase in female patients in their thirties and forties with cancer. These were previously healthy women with no pre-existing conditions. One was even a marathon runner who tripped and broke a rib while running. From the chest x-ray they found that she had lung cancer. This lady was in her 30’s with no symptoms and had never smoked a day in her life. I will be 30 in just a few days and I am in pretty good health. Big wake up call for me.

I started doing more research to see what could possibly be the cause of the increase in women with cancer and stumbled on information about cancer causing chemicals in things like cleaning products, make up, body wash, and even chemicals put on the foods we nourish our bodies with. Before now I had never really paid that much attention to organic and non-gmo food except to know that it cost more. Exposure to these chemicals can even expand as far as the products used to build your house, what your mattress is made out of and even what my children’s car seats are made out of. Whew! All that stresses me out and gives me anxiety. I am going to focus on the smaller things right now and the things I can change. But it is scary to me just how many chemicals surround us daily.

“I had never really paid that much attention to organic and non-gmo food except to know that it cost more.”

This blog is the focus of everything wellness. Everything from exercising and healthy eating to the awareness of hidden chemicals that can actually make you (and your kiddos) sick and how to avoid them. I work in healthcare, so I see unhealthy people everyday. Your health is directly related to three very important factors that everyone has control over: your diet, how much you exercise, and your stress level. (I am going to do a post about these later…this one is getting so long). Everyone has to start somewhere and it is a long journey.

I am also using this blog as a resource for myself. I LOVE learning new things. (I mean “love” in every sense of the word. I would go to school forever if I could get paid to…just saying.) So I started this blog as a way for me to “take notes,” in a sense, of what worked and what didn’t.

I have so many ideas and plans for this blog and I am super excited to get started.

Where are you on your journey to living a whole health focused lifestyle…newbie, getting there, or expert? Offer any tips and tricks.